CHEER: Paw Paw team finishes 7th in state standings

Matthew Day
Paw Paw’s varsity cheer team shows off its skills at the State meet Saturday.

    Paw Paw’s competitive cheer team competed at the State meet for the seventh straight year and put on their best performance to date for the first two rounds.  In the third round, the Lady Redskins had a couple of minor slips that cost them dearly.
    Paw Paw had a great season leading up to the State meet setting and resetting scoring records for the school in both the individual rounds as well as overall scores.  In the first-round, Paw Paw looked flawless, but the judges placed the Lady Reds fifth,  just 4.4 points out of first - the best start to a State meet for Paw Paw.              
    After the second round, Paw Paw was still in fifth place, but  in real contention for a shot at third place. Third through sixth places were separated by only three points.  
    Unfortunately, the Lady Reds had a stunt group with a flyer that lost her balance and came down too soon. That little slip is all it took on this day to take them from a solid fifth place down to an seventh place. The Lady Reds have never finished above sixth place and average a seventh-place finish over the last seven years.  
    While most programs would be very happy with a seventh-place finish at State, the Lady Redskins and Coach Stefanie Miller have already been there and done that. They have worked all season, and off season, on a new way of doing things to propel them into the top five at State.  
    Coach Miller loses only four seniors at the end of the season, though these ladies have helped guide the team and they will be missed.  She does have a strong group of eighth graders coming into the high school program next year.


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