LEGION Act opens American Legion membership to more veterans

    Marking the American Legion’s 100th anniversary this year, in August, President Trump signed the  LEGION (Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service) that  extends the ongoing declared period of war to Dec. 7, 1941.
    The signing acknowledges  the service and sacrifice of at least 1,600 veterans who died or were wounded in previously undeclared periods of war.
    The new act also redefines the American Legion’s membership eligibility dates, which now span from Dec. 7, 1941, until a time when the United States is no longer at war, as determined by Congress.
    Interested individuals and veterans seeking more information may contact the following posts:
    PAW PAW - McGowan-Johnson American Legion Post 68, 115 North Niles St., Paw Paw (269) 657-8345.
    Guests are welcome to learn more about their post activities. Meetings are  held the second and fourth Thursdays, at 7:30 p.m.
    LAWRENCE - Hess-Eastman American Legion Post 174, 130 E. St. Joseph St., Lawrence. (269) 674-3445.
    LAWTON - Waters-Hackenberg American Legion Post 220 404 N. Main St., Lawton. (269)  269 624-1367.

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