Health Dept. warns of Hepatitis A cases in local communities

    Van Buren/Cass District Health Department has had confirmed cases of Acute Hepatitis A in our community recently. The health department is urging all residents of the community to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A if you meet the following high risk criteria for getting the Hepatitis A virus:
    •Persons who use injection or non-injection illegal drugs such as Meth, Heroin or Marijuana
    •Persons who are homeless
    •Persons who were recently in jail
    •Persons who have close contact with a person that has been infected with Hepatitis A, this includes sex partners, drug partners, caretakers, household contacts.
    •Men who have sex with men
    •Travelers to countries with high or medium rates of Hepatitis A
    •Persons with chronic liver disease, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C.
    •Persons with clotting factor disorders.
    Hepatitis A is a serious Liver Disease caused by a virus that is found in feces (poop) of infected people and can easily spread from person to person and cause liver damage lasting a few weeks to a serious illness lasting many months. In some cases, it can be deadly, and people in Michigan have died from this infection. The following are signs and symptoms of Hepatitis A:
    •Nausea and vomiting
    •Belly pain
    •Feeling tired          

    •Loss of appetite
    •Yellowing of the skin and eyes
    •Dark urine
    •Pale-colored feces
    •Joint pain

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