Six area gardens to be spotlighted on Carnegie “Splendor in the Garden” tour

   PAW PAW - The Paw Paw Carnegie Garden Club will present its annual garden tour, “Splendor in the Garden,” Saturday, June 29, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
   Tickets are $10 and available at Dragonfly Garden, Mattawan; Southwest Michigan Artists’ Association and Edgin Creations, both in Paw Paw; or from any club member. On the day of the event, tickets will be available at the Carnegie Center, 129 S. Kalamazoo St., Paw Paw.
   The tour will run, rain or shine, with no refunds. Those 12 or older must have a ticket. Proceeds will benefit civic beautification projects and further the education of members in gardening issues.
   The self-driving tour will start at the Carnegie Center, where club members maintain the landscape of the historic building, making it a downtown focal point.
   Garden crafts and plants will be for sale and free refreshments will be offered all day. Restrooms will not be available at the garden sites. The Southwest Michigan Artists’ Association, located next door to the Carnegie, will be open with many artists’ works on display. In addition, each garden will feature an artist and their work, all will be for sale at both sites.

Garden 1
Rose Rook
50842 County Road 665, Paw Paw

   Garden beds lead up to a secluded courtyard where your senses can enjoy an afternoon of reading or an intimate dinner party. Rose likes to think of it as a tranquil area for friends and angels. There is a roadside garden guarded by an angel, a bench in another spot is perfect for sitting and opening her mail. At the end of day, another area is perfect for watching the beautiful sunsets in the west.

Garden 2
Carol Beckman 
113 West Berrien St., Paw Paw

   The garden here is a feast for the eyes and incorporates a terraced landscape splashed with colorful flowers, a dry garden, a meandering waterfall, a wetland near the Paw Paw River and serpentine paths filled with hostas. Nearby is a park with a lot more plantings a pedestrian bridge is available for your use.

Garden  3
Michael and Susan Creager
70077 Copper Boulevard, Lawton

   After a short drive in the country, you will discover a backyard with formal gardens overlooking a field and fen, which attract birds and butterflies. A large berm on the side of the property is covered with perennials to provide continuous color. This property has been certified a Monarch Way Station.

Garden 4
Audrey Fitzgerald and Ken Hoogerheld 
10933 DuVal Circle, Kalamazoo

   The boundaries are planted with a parade of colorful evergreen trees. The rock garden and beds have points of interest combining a variety of plants, small trees and shrubs. The backyard encompasses a pond and accompanying waterfalls to provide a tranquil place to sit and ponder.

Garden 5
Charles and Sean Brandt
10954 Riedell Drive, Kalamazoo

   The beds have a flowing design filled with repeating color patterns and plants that have a dual purpose. It also utilizes several plants in an area of the childrens’ play area and food production. Lily’s Peace Garden in the front is a community garden for the neighborhood. Many wooden creations designed and made by the owner can be seen throughout.

Garden 6
Janene Rawlison - proprietor
47400 24th St., Mattawan

   Our last stop is Shades of Lavender Farm with 1,200 lavender plants of 11 different varieties. People can come to the farm and do u-pick in season or watch various products being made. With a certified kitchen, the smell of lavender flavored cookies is pure heaven. Every part of the plant is used, even the stem that is used to create fire starters. The bees are included as staff as they produce the lavender infused honey.

   Come enjoy a day with your friends or family. You can get additional information about our club and even join that day.

Remember, every weed is a misplaced flower!

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