As many Michigan residents are aware, the state Legislature passed the Michigan Transportation Package in 2015 that gradually increases funding provided to the Van Buren County Road Commission through the Michigan Transportation Fund.
    These funds have assisted the Van Buren County Road Commission to carry out various road projects and other road-related maintenance, and also assisted in replacing worn out tandem axle trucks.  Because these funds are not enough to make the improvements necessary to prevent further decline to the system, the Road Commission is seeking a millage to improve the Primary Road Network.
    It is difficult for Road Commission officials to comprehend that while they are working to find the means to fund improvements to the Primary Road Network, Senate Bill 396, pending in the Legislature, seeks to provide exemptions to loggers which would allow them to haul forest products, and transport equipment on the public road system without obtaining proper permits from road authorities at all times of the year, including during Frost Laws.  This would be  especially damaging to our road network during the spring thaw; when roads are most fragile.
    The Board of County Road Commissioners of Van Buren County passed a resolution at its Oct. 18, 2018, meeting which states, in part, “It is a fact in Van Buren County, and throughout Michigan, that roads become soft in the spring, and applying unrestricted 164,000-pound truck loading on soft roads is fool hardiness that defies common sense, and a law allowing such nonsense is poor public policy.
    “The provisions of SB 396 WILL negatively impact the traveling public accessing the road system, resulting in burdening road authorities with expensive reactive maintenance repairs and significantly increased taxpayer costs to maintain the public road system.”  
    The Road Commission asks the public to join them by telling  Legislators to vote “NO” on Senate Bill 396.
    For additional information regarding these facts, or for answers to any other questions,  contact the Van Buren County Road Commission at (269) 674-8011, or via e-mail at  

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