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    Paw Paw District Library celebrated its 100th Anniversary on Friday, June 26, 2020.  One hundred years ago on that day, more than 300 residents lined up to see the first free public library in Paw Paw.  
    The story of how the community organized to achieve this accomplishment has been told in recent articles, but the library would like to acknowledge with gratitude the continuing support of our community. Over the years, the library has had to constantly adapt to the changing needs of its patrons, and the present time is no exception.  Library programs, including the popular Summer Reading Program, are continuing in “virtual space” online.  There are programs for every age and links to other resources for our community.  
    Of special note is Facebook Live, a chance for you to interact with the Summer Reading Program.  Take a look and subscribe to our new Library You Tube Channel.  The channel features In the Neighborhood where you will find helpful hints from local residents. To find out more about what is happening at the library, go to our homepage at, visit our Facebook page, or call 269-657-3800.
    This is also a time to acknowledge and thank the community for their overwhelming support to save and repurpose the original Carnegie Building when the library moved out after 71 years because it had outgrown the original space.  Without the help and support of the community there would have been a parking lot where the landmark Carnegie Building stands.  The Carnegie is now listed on the State Register of Historic Places.
    To find out more about what is happening in the Village, go to the homepage at, visit the Village Facebook page, or call 269-657-7549.

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