The red-orange letters of the sign on the Mattawan shop door said, “Sorry, we’re closed,”  as the caution light blinked yellow in the grey air, and a single driver down Main Street vanished into the blowing snow Wednesday morning. This was a week governed by the weather. It dominated our conversations, directed our activities, and dictated what we grabbed to take with us when we left the house, if we decided to do that at all. Schools and businesses closed, even state and county government and local village offices hunkered down as the governor declared Michigan in a State of Emergency.  It was not the kind to clump and heap up; but a wispy snow of tiny, translucent flakes that caught in the air and froze there to be whisked across our windshields and hover in a mist across the landscape, on their way to resting gently, one on top of the other, and another -- so fragile and so brutal, so wondrous and wicked.
    Courier-Leader photo/Robin Griffin

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