To the Editor:
    Please be advised the Letter to the Editor, dated March 1, 2019, written by Lawrence Hummel, Engineer-Manager of the Van Buren County Road Commission WAS NOT written on behalf of the Road Commission.
    As a member of the Road Commission and just for the record, we were neither informed of nor aware of Mr. Hummel’s letter prior to it appearing in the newspaper.
    Geoff Moffat
    District 5
    Road Commissioner


Dear Editor,
    I thought I was Super-woman, but found I was not. Dr. Karl Krapf, DC, has taken me from maximum Aleve dosage but needing more, unable to sleep more than four hours because the Aleve wore off, unable to walk upright without limping or dragging a foot, to almost my old unmedicated self in a mere three months. I am working at regaining my strength; but, honestly, when I leave Paw Paw Chiropractic Clinic, 38804 W. Red Arrow Hwy., these days, I feel like a million bucks.
    I have learned I am NOT Superwoman, but I forgot, now that I know Dr. Karl Krapf.  Give him a call at (269) 657-4200, if you, too, forgot you are not Super-woman.
    Barbara Pursley
    Paw Paw


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