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Dear Editor,
    I am fortunate to receive benefits provided by Senior Services of Van Buren County.  As a long-time resident, I participate in tennis and pickleball, two activities on the S.S. schedule. I also enjoy nutritious lunches at S.S. East in Paw Paw and Senior City in South Haven. There are dozens of activities throughout the county available to those who are limited by ailments and pain.
    Now we are faced with two millage proposals in August, one for continuation of our current level of services, and another to reach most of our senior citizens’ needs. Yes, the proposals would run for four years. This would allow for long-term planning.
    Yes, the passage of both proposals will cost a family owning a home with a taxable value of $100,000 about $25 per year for each proposal.
    Our Senior Services of Van Buren County has been operating on a bare-bones budget without reaching the needs of all seniors, even with scores of volunteers pitching in to stretch the budget.
    You can help this essential program sustain its mission by voting “Yes” twice.
    Jim Vogel
    Paw Paw


To the Editor -
    First of all, we would like to thank the Summerfest Committee for selecting us to be Grand Marshals of the Lawton Parade on Saturday.  It was a real honor. The weather was great and the parade was the longest I can remember. The fireworks were supposed to be shorter than usual, but everyone thought they were just as long and better. I think this was the best festival in Lawton since we used to have the Grape Festival in the ’50s.
    Thank you, Festival Committee, for a job well done.
    Secondly, we are trying to bring attention to the grape industry. In 1868, A.B. Jones was one of the first to bring grapes to Michigan. They were planted on the west side of Nursery Street, across from Concord Hills Drive - 100 plants. This was the first of the grape industry in southwest Michigan. 2018 is the sesquicentennial year for grapes. A.B. Jones was my great-grandfather; so, we’ve been in the grape business a long time.
    Again, thanks -
    Bill and Jeanne Cronenwett


Dear readers -
    It is time to renew the millage for Senior Services of Van Buren County.
    I personally have met many people I would not have had the chance to get to know, and look forward to the activity at the Senior Center site in Paw Paw.
    It has been shown that it is important for seniors to keep learning. I have and continue to do so while volunteering to help out at some of the activities.
    Fortunately, our programs have become more popular and have grown; but that requires more funds.  So, PLEASE vote for the millage renewal and the increase.
    Kay Pyard
    Paw Paw


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