Paw Paw Twp. Board reviews road drain project

Paul Garrod -

    PAW PAW - Costs associated with a Paw Paw Township road drain project on Hillside Drive were discussed Monday night during the Paw Paw Township Board meeting.
    Paw Paw Township Supervisor Donald Stull presented board members with paperwork on dedication of Oak Wood Subdivision, a map of the subdivision, circuit  court  documentation of 1995, a Van Buren  County Road Commission engineer’s opinion of cost of $65,778.00 for the road drain project, and a VBCRC engineer’s opinion of cost of $33,010 to split between VBCRC and Paw Paw Township.
    A lengthy discussion, considered cost of the project, possible assessment to the property owners, a private boat launch, and different options in dealing with the project.
    The board also considered holding an open house with Ackley Lake residents who are affected; however, opted to have Stull and Van  Buren County Road Commission Board member Greg Brucks attend the next Ackley Lake Association meeting to discuss the issue.
    The board approved additional spacing of plots at Wildey and Cuddeback cemeteries. Currently, spacing is 10 feet. Sexton Mike Makowski expressed concerns on spacing for future burials and headstones in place. He suggested  that the board consider 12 feet spacing. With approval, cemented markers in place now would not be removed, but would be replaced with plates with spikes to hold in place. The cost is not to exceed $1,000.
    Paul Graham, of the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office, introduced himself as the new township enforcement officer. Graham has been with the county sheriff’s office for six years. He replaces Todd Skinner.
    A resolution of appreciation was  approved for Dion Foune, of Foune Well Drilling. The company repaired a hand well/pump at Wildey Cemetery, and donated their time on repairs. The well/pump was 85 feet deep and could not be pulled by hand. Repairs took approximately two  hours.
    Stull told the board of a clarity/factual hearing before the County Election Commission that was scheduled July 8. He said that he appeared before the commission to determine whether reasons presented for his recall were factual and of sufficient clarity.
    A letter from the Election Commission, stated that wording submitted for the recall was not clear, and therefore not approved.

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