Redskin mascot supporter demands resignations of superintendent and board president

Paul Garrod -

    PAW PAW -  Last week, an organizer of the movement to keep the Paw Paw Redskin mascot in the school district, called for the resignations of the district’s superintendent and board of education president,  stating her disappointment she experienced with both individuals  during the recent process the district went through, and  the eventual  board vote to keep the  mascot in the school district.
    Kim Jones, during public participation at the Paw Paw Board of Education’s March 8 meeting, read a strongly-worded statement expressing her dissatisfaction with Superintendent Sonja Lark’s handling of the issue. “The board gave you a mission and you failed miserably,” she said, and asked Lark to resign.
    Jones lashed out at board president Karen Ayres, eventually asking for her resignation as well.
    Ayres said a board response to Jones’ statement would be made at the board’s April meeting.
    In another area, the board accepted the resignation of Paw Paw Early Elementary Principal Matthew Turner, and  the retirement of  Mary Puckett, the district’s assistant superintendent   of curriculum.
    Ayres said of Puckett, “Mary made a huge difference in our son’s life, not only him, but others, as well.”
    Puckett, who is finishing 29 years with the district, began as a teacher in the later elementary, and served as an elementary principal before taking her current position two years ago.  


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