Abbott joins “Fight Crime: Invest in Kids”

Van Buren County Sheriff, Daniel Abbott

   Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott has become a member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Michigan, a statewide anti-crime group based in Lansing.  As a new member of the organization, Sheriff Abbott joins the ranks of some of the state’s premier law enforcement officials.
   “We’re honored to have such a talented and dedicated Sheriff on our team,” said Jerry Dash, state director of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Michigan. “Sheriff Abbott understands that criminal activity can be dramatically reduced by simultaneously prosecuting criminals and using high quality crime prevention programs.”
   Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Michigan is a bi-partisan crime fighting group comprised of over 500 prosecutors, sheriffs, police chiefs, and victims of violence from across the state. The organization’s mission is to take a hard-nosed look at what really works - and what does not work - to keep kids from becoming criminals. It then places that information in the hands of policy-makers, the media and the public.
   Strategies proven effective to prevent and reduce crime include high quality after-school programs, early care and pre-kindergarten programs, and child abuse and neglect prevention programs.

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