Commissioners advised to keep properties for public use

Paul Garrod –

    PAW PAW - The  Van Buren County Board of Commissioners recently approved a recommendation from County Treasurer Karen Makay to retain two properties that were foreclosed for non-payment of property taxes for 2015.
    The county can retain properties if they are used for a public purpose.
    Makay told commissioners that  the first property is in Lawrence Township on Lakeview Drive, which runs from 64th back to Christie View Estate.
    Makay said that parcel should be deeded to the Van Buren County Road Commission.
    The second parcel is lots 53  and 54 Block 6, South Haven Syndicate Park subdivision. Makay said the two lots sit in the critical dune area.
    The minimum bid on the first parcel is $700 and the second parcel is $800. Those amounts will be reimbursed to the delinquent tax funds through the sale proceeds from the Sept. 7 auction.

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