LAWRENCE  - The Van Buren County Road Commission implemented full seasonal weight restrictions on Monday, Feb. 19, for all Van Buren County Roads, with the exception of its State Class “A” and County Class “A” roadways.
    The restrictions reduce the “maximum axle load” by 25 percent per axle on concrete pavements, and by 35 percent per axle on all other types of roads.
    In addition, the speed on those county roads will continue to be reduced to 35 mph for all vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more.
    A list of Class “A” Unrestricted roadways, and a list of all other roadways under the restrictions is available by contacting the Road Commission, or by accessing its web site.  Most Van Buren County roads have not been constructed to Class “A” standards.
    Overweight citations may be issued listing the driver as the defendant.  It will be the driver’s responsibility to pay any fines incurred. These fines can be quite substantial, with some of them as much as 20 cents a pound for each overweight axle.
    Special attention will be given to all trucks with droppable axles (tag axles) to ensure that the axles are in the lowered position.  Any truck found with its axle in the raised position on a restricted road will be stopped and weighed.
    Further changes or updates may be found by accessing the Road Commission’s web page,, where you will find a link to “weighmaster and seasonal weight restrictions” under the sub-title “permits, fees and guidelines”.
    For more information contact Van Buren County Road Commission’s Weighmaster, Andy Abbott, at (269)674-8011, or via e-mail at

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