Undersheriff Hunt offers to cover own fees for certification training

Paul Garrod • news4garrod@vineyardpress.biz

   PAW PAW - To cover the cost of a police officer training fee, Van Buren County Undersheriff Chad Hunt formally requested to the Van Buren County Commissioners Committee of the Whole meeting on April 25, to cash out his accumulated sick and vacation time to cover the training fee.
   The cost of the certification is $10,000. However, Hunt has accumulated a total compensation costs of $11,421. As of Sept, 1, 2017, Hunt will have accumulated 56 hours of sick time and 198 hours of vacation time.
   Van Buren County Administrator Douglas Cultra told commissioners that it will not cost the county any additional monies to cover his training expense using cashed out sick and vacation time.
   “This is one of the most admirable things I have  seen for an employee to cover the cost of training,” said Cultra.
   Van Buren County Sheriff Dan Abbott said that Hunt needs to receive his certification  within the first year of accepting his position as undersheriff.
   The issue is expected to be formally approved at May 9 Board of Commissioners meeting.

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