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Letter to the editor,
   I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dana Flanders and I am running for the Paw Paw school board as a “write in” candidate on your November ballot! 
   I am a 1992 graduate of Paw Paw schools and I currently reside, work and raise my autistic son Alex in Paw Paw. My parents and my three siblings all reside in Paw Paw. I have eight nieces and nephews, ages 6 to 16, who attend Paw Paw schools. I cannot think of any better way to give back to my community than to serve as a board member on the school board.
   I consider community service a duty each and every one of us should participate in. I volunteer every Thanksgiving to deliver meals during the event hosted by area churches and held at Freshwater Church. I volunteer my time to Tri-County Head Start and chair their board. I am currently an accountant for Van Buren Community Mental Health Authority; prior to that, I worked over 25 years for my stepfather, who owns and operates Van Buren Chiropractic Clinic, PC.
   Paw Paw is a fantastic small town and it is my home. It has always been my home. I am excited for the opportunity, if given, to support efforts by the board to ensure that our students thrive in a safe, inclusive environment that promotes their growth academically and athletically so that when they graduate, they are prepared for life outside those four walls and this town. Education is the key to success in every aspect of life.
   We owe it to our kids to handle ourselves with dignity and grace so that our behavior is emulated through them as they venture out into the world. I understand it may be difficult for me as a “write in” candidate and that I am asking of you more than simply filling in a circle on a piece of paper, but that is exactly what I am doing. I will be running an ad in the Flashes and The Courier-Leader in the next few weeks to show you, and then, to remind you how you can vote for me.
   I would also like to take this opportunity to endorse Dale Pease, who is running on the same ballot as myself. I respect Dale and I believe together we could accomplish great things for the students and for the community.
   Thank you,
   Dana Flanders
   Paw Paw


Dear Editor,
   On October 10, the Paw Paw Lions are hosting an American Red Cross blood drive in honor of Sawyer Lennen, a young man who in early July was diagnosed with leukemia.  Celebrate life and make a difference by giving blood. 
   Blood is needed for many different kinds of patients.  It could be a young child with a rare blood disorder, a family member fighting cancer, or a friend involved in a car accident. You’ll feel good knowing you helped change the life of a patient in need. 
   Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018 at the Paw Paw Lions Club at I-94 and M-40, from noon until 6 p.m. 
   Give the “Gift-of-Life.”
   Frank Wunderlich
   Blood drive coordinator
   Paw Paw Lions Club


Dear Readers,
   This November 6th, some of you will have the opportunity to vote for Randall Peat as your county commissioner.
   I’ve known Randall Peat for 60 years, and he was my business partner for 30 years. I know Randall has what it takes to help guide our community to a more prosperous future.
   Randall has tremendous private sector experience leading an organization that employed hundreds of people and served county and local government customers in multiple states.
   In addition to his private sector experience, Randall has been an established voice in our county’s economic future already as the chair of the Van Buren County Economic Development Corporation. He also is the chairman of the Paw Paw Township Planning Commission.
   If you believe in good jobs, sound economics, planned growth, and most importantly, honesty, then I urge you to vote for Randall Peat on November 6th for Commissioner!
   Ron Stoynoff
   Paw Paw


Letter to the editor:
   The Paw Paw Service League wishes to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous donations of time, or expertise to the Bike Tour and Arts and Crafts Fair during the Wine and Harvest Festival:
   Coca-Cola, Mandigo Farms, Black River Amateur Radio Club, Gary Goscenski and son, Rick Diemer, Wayne Nelson, County Commission, The Decatur Police Department, Family Fare, Wal-mart, the Wine and Harvest Committee, and Mike and Tom Thomas.
   We also wish to thank the public for participating in the Bike Tour and the Arts and Crafts event. Thanks for another successful year!
   Paw Paw Service League


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