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Dear Editor,
    The Knights of Columbus are sponsoring an American Red Cross blood drive at the Kristopher Club (Knights of Columbus) Hall on Wednesday, April 10, from noon until 6 p.m.  Please come out and donate.
   Appointments are taken at 1-800-Red Cross, and walk-ins are welcomed. We try to integrate appointments and walk-ins so no one has to wait too long. Our refreshment table is awesome. 
   Donating blood is one of the most humanitarian things you can do, and most gratifying. Join us.
     Frank Wunderlich
     Blood Drive Coordinator
     Knights of Columbus


   Recently, I received a copy of the Antwerp Township Senior Services newsletter celebrating five years publication. When I looked through this publication, it brought back memories of the difficulties Antwerp Township experienced under the program created by Van Buren County Senior Services. Senior attendance under Van Buren County Senior Services was minimal five years ago, when Antwerp Township decided to run its own program.
   The Antwerp Seniors are now running the program with the millage taxes approved by Antwerp Township voters. Antwerp Township controls all this millage and no Antwerp Township senior tax money is used to subsidize senior services and other governmental units in Van Buren County. As a governmental organization, Antwerp Township tries to invest as much of its senior tax money as possible in Antwerp Township with those in Antwerp Township whose senior taxes support the program.
   The Antwerp Township Board, Senior Services Advisory Board, Senior Service Administrator, and volunteers deserve your appreciation for the terrific job they are doing. They are running a program responsibly with visibility and in the best interest of the Antwerp Township residents and not for the benefit of a non-government contract. That’s the way government should be operated.
     Arlen R. Winther


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