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Dear Editor:
   The upcoming election will be expensive, and with the strong probability of being tainted with corruption. But first, our country has to deal with primaries and a deluge of annoying ads. 
   Michigan participates March 10. The Democrats have several candidates who want to defeat Trump, whom certain people have claimed is a threat to democracy. However, Mike Bloomberg is the greatest threat. He is working on buying the office as he has spent over $300 million so far. In an ad, he inferred that if the Senate did not convict Trump, he will do something about it. In ads he has said he will make changes, and has the resources (money) to do it. He has a great hatred toward Trump, and will spend over $1 billion if necessary to achieve his objectives.
   Therefore, if you care about our democracy, you do not want to vote for a potential dictator who controls members of Congress with “do as I say or else your career is over”.     Fortunately, there are other presidential candidates to choose from who will protect our democracy.
    Wayne Wilhelmi
   Paw Paw


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