Dear Editor,
    Thanks to all those who came out to donate blood at the Red Cross blood drive last Wednesday at the Paw Paw Lions Club.  Our usual stellar crew of workers, Lions Kurt Dunham, Jacqui Groenland, Clarence Stimac, and volunteer Dan Wydick kept things moving smoothly all day.  In the midst of this pandemic, with blood drives being canceled left and right, reserve supplies of blood and blood products are rapidly being depleted. The goal for the drive was set at 49 pints and 49 people showed up to donate. Some were not successful and we ended up with 44 pints of blood.  These 44 pints can help more than 120 people in need.
    Thanks to the Lions who sanitized the building and the equipment before the drive, and to the Red Cross staff who managed the drive and sanitized the equipment afterwards.    
    Frank Wunderlich
    Blood Drive Coordinator
    Paw Paw Lions Club


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