Letter to the Editor:
    Very nice article on “Water Woes” in the latest issue, an eye-opening recap of recent flooding and high water table issues in eastern Van Buren county. I suspect these problems will only get worse as precipitation becomes more extreme and unpredictable due to anthropogenic climate change, and the stopgap measures taken by local municipalities may prove insufficient in years to come.
    Those living in floodplains, or with chronically wet basements, may want to relocate if they have the means to, while their property still has value. Unfortunately there’s probably not much government financial assistance available for “climate refugees” in areas which haven’t undergone massive flooding, hurricanes, or other large-scale natural disasters. But this article makes it plain that even locally -- living in one of the most favorable locations in the continental US for climate change scenarios -- we are going to see people displaced by “the new normal” of extreme weather.
    I saw the water table come all the way up to the surface at my site in Lawton last spring, which makes me reconsider building a new house there. If I do, it certainly won’t be “on-grade,” or include a basement.
    So, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, and if you’re in a spot with flooding issues, consider your options carefully. (I may invest in a rowboat, myself).
    PJ Chmiel


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