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Letter to the Editor:
       Our second annual spring event, the All Fool’s Day Lasagna Dinner, was another success for the American Legion Post in Paw Paw. We had over 150 folks come and enjoy a great lasagna dinner and  sides on April 1, no foolin’.
    We couldn’t have had the success without our local community stopping by to support our fundraiser. The donations from our local merchants, McDonald’s, Save-A-Lot, Pizza Hut, La Cantina, Family Fare, Walmart, and Final Gravity Brewing Company helped us raise funds to support the Post’s local charitable activities and events.                     I’d like to thank all for their support and look forward to our third annual Veterans Day  Spa-ghetti Dinner on November 11.
    Paul Blake
    McGowan-Johnson American
    Legion Post 68
    Paw Paw


Letter to the Editor:
    There he goes again. In his April 6, 2017 e-mail response to comments about supporting the failed Republican “health care” replacement (AHCA), Fred Upton makes a number of, shall we say, questionable statements.
    “From the start, I said I would not vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act without a replacement in place,” Upton writes. Mr. Upton has a very short term memory. He voted no on the original PPACA (HR3590); voted to repeal the PPACA on HR2, HR6079, HR45, and HR596. All of those had no replacement in place, not to mention the other 50 or so repeals passed by the House since 2010.
    Mr. Upton then repeats the standard party lines about PPACA
failings and hearing “countless stories of increasing premiums and deductibles” and how major providers have dropped out of the
marketplace. What he didn’t, and his colleagues don’t, mention in this spin is that an amendment sneaked into a budget bill by Marco Rubio in 2013 repealed a PPACA provision known as the “risk corridor”. It would have reimbursed insurance providers for provable losses, for a time, until their profits stabilized. This provided an incentive for insurers to participate. In other words, Upton and his cohorts strangled the PPACA so they could later claim it was not working by giving insurers the only choices to raise premiums or drop out.
    Mr. Upton did spend “hours with governors who expanded Medicaid’’ and fought to “continue that expansion until 2020.” This was just a delaying of the Republican intent to eliminate Medicaid and a curious self-compliment since he voted to repeal PPACA funding for those ex-changes in 2011 (HR1213).
    Mr. Upton does write he “will continue to advocate for meaningful health care solutions that will ensure all families have access to affordable, high quality and flexible health care options”. I wonder what “all families” means to Upton, since he strongly supported and would have voted for the recently failed Republican health care replacement (AHCA). That bill would have taken health care coverage away from millions and caused seniors’ premiums to skyrocket.
    But, thank you, Mr. Upton for responding. Since you “read and sign each piece of correspondence personally” and did so to some “31,000 letters and e-mails in 2016 alone” you are a busy guy.     At 85 a day I can see why you avoid face-to-face town hall meetings where some of your constituents might actually respond to your claims, as, well, questionable.
    Brian Smith
    Paw Paw


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