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Letter to the Editor:
    Since opening in 2009, Eleanor’s Pantry has been the only food source for our food insecure families in the Paw Paw and Lawton areas. We are so grateful to the hundreds of people who have joined with us to make sure our neighbors do not go hungry.  The gifts given provide a once a month, four-day emergency supply of food for each family in need.
    We understand that those who give, give from the heart with true concern for others.  We are so fortunate, that during these years of service, we have always had the funds to purchase healthy food for our clients. This is remarkable in that we are only “funded” through gifts from the people in our communities.
    Given an opportunity to make a difference for others, hundreds  step up. And, of course, our 120 volunteers give selflessly of themselves handling every job that allows the pantry to function.
    One hundred percent of the donations received are used to provide monthly supplies for our neighbors. Individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and church families are significant contributors to the success of Eleanor’s Pantry.  Their generous support is vital.  As we view the numbers of people helped, we can readily see a consistent increase each year.   We, currently, serve an average of 156 seniors, 239 children, and 530 adults, equaling a total average of 925 people helped each month.
    Please know that your gifts throughout the year make a difference in the lives of many.
    Thank you.
    Nellie DeLong
    Community Outreach Coordinator
    Eleanor’s Pantry


Dear Editor,
    I am writing this letter to let the community know about the wonderful agency we have here in Paw Paw, the United Christian Services (UCS).
     I returned to Paw Paw after several years’ absence and this agency helped me get established here; they helped me set up a household and offered me food, clothing, and assistance with paying a bill.  I was able to complete a course on budgeting, offered by the agency,  and will be participating in a cooking class in February.
    More importantly, the staff offered me support and friendship. I have since been volunteering at the agency where I have seen firsthand the care and concern offered to those in need. The staff at UCS is kind and compassionate and treats guests with dignity, respect, and sensitivity, just the way they treated me when I was humbled to have to ask for help.
    I want to publically thank UCS for being there for me and for answering the calls for help from many less fortunate than I am. As the UCS mission states, they truly strive to follow Christ’s example in our community.
    Robert Scherer
    Paw Paw


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