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Letter to the editor:
    Recently, I have had some questions arise concerning the March 10, 2020 voter-approved veterans millage. Hopefully, this will help to clarify how the money will be spent. Now that this has passed, the County Commissioners and County Administration are in the process of developing a budget for this office.
    Approximately $340,000 will be raised from this millage. Approximately $8,000 will be provided to Tax Increment Financing, TIF districts as is required by state law.
    Approximately $332,000 will be spent to benefit Van Buren County veterans and to run the Veterans Services office.
    Randall Peat
    County Commissioner
    Chairman, Veterans Services Committee


Letter to the Editor:  
    Here’s to the superintendent that decided to eliminate the Redskin mascot. If the Washington Redskins are not offended, then why are you?
    Be ready to dip into to your wallet to pay for all the sports uniforms and mascot. As alumni, our money is not available.  If a tax levy is on the ballot, look for a “no” vote.
    Kathleen Babin Sutton
    PPHS alumnus
    Maumee, OH


Dear County Voters,    
    On behalf of the Board of County Road Commissioners and Road Commission staff, I wish to thank all of those voters in Van Buren County who came out to support the county-wide road millage proposal on March 10. These funds have, and will continue to be a very important part of the road improvement program in Van Buren County.
    Because the Road Commission, townships, cities and villages have these millage funds available they are able to provide a more efficient turn-round for projects across the county.  In addition, the millage funds allow the Road Commission to aggressively apply for federal and state aid for road projects so as to accomplish some of the larger improvements in the county.  Leveraging these dollars provides our county residents with the greatest return using their tax dollars to reinvest in the County’s roadways.
    As taxpayers and voters in Van Buren County, we urge you to continue to maintain a level of interest in the roads you travel every day.  Be it county, township, city or village, all of the roads in the county form an integral network that serves our agricultural community, industry, tourism, and all of us.
    Again, the Van Buren County Road Commission wishes to express its gratitude to those of you who supported the county-wide road millage.  The Road Commission will strive to make improvements upon the many things that have been accomplished in the past.
    For more information, contact the Van Buren County Road Commission at (269) 674-8011, or by e-mail at:  
    Dan Bishop
    Managing Director
    Van Buren Co. Road Commission


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