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Letter to Editor:
    April  20th is National Volunteer Recognition Day.
    “By volunteering you have just given the most expensive and priceless gift anyone could have ever given -- kindness and love.”      - unknown
    We would like to take this time to publicly honor the outstanding volunteers that share their time and talents at the Community Thrift Shop and the Holiday Store and Home Décor.  We are extremely proud of our volunteers; they are truly priceless in our eyes.  
    Thank you volunteers: Jim Alden, Connie Ashcraft, Michele Babin, Penny Baker, Charlene Bare, Tony Bentley, Joe and Maureen Beall, Sue Briggs, Sally Brinkman, Greg Butler, Wendy Charles, Sue Conk-lin, Marge Cornish, Pat Connolly, David Corstange, Jon and Peg Crawford, Carolyn Curtis, Dayton Davis, Dorothy Dietz, Mari-lyn Doyle, Ginny Drogula,  Carole Erickson, Alan Fa-der, Pat Garrod, Pam Gehl, Diane Grimm, Lourdes Guevara, Bill Harris, Vicky Harrington, Linda Heiden-reich, Eileen Hellwege, Kathy Hobbs, Lucy Hood, Morene Huggett;
    Charlotte King, Marie King, Sue Knudstrup, Bon-nie Knowlton, Ivy Koziel,  Marlene and Mike Lake, Celine Lanting, Peggy Mag-nuson, Sue Martin, Nancy McCorry, Martha McDaniel,  Pat McKinney, MaryAnn Menck,  Mary Ann Miller, Bev Mroczek, Jill Muir, Sue Mullard, Curt and Deb Newhouse, Jackie Noble, Jan Ogden, Denise Pluta, Chris Pomeroy, Marcia and Wayne Potter,  Sally Quan;
    Deb Richmond, Becky Rife,  Beth Robbins, Joanne Rossman, Barb and Gary Sampsell, Rich Schiele, Mary Lou Scott, Bruce Shannon, Cheryl and Keith Shaw, David Sivley, Debbra Slater,  Carol Sjoquist, Pat Small, Laura Smith, Marie Smith, Patti Smith, Patti Smitts,  Darlene Spalo, Audrey Spen-cer, Shirley Stewart, Marian Stowers, Patti Strefling, Carol Tedrow, Nancy Terry, Jane Vaught,  Margie Waite, Adam Walter, Carole White, Marcia Williams, Janice Wilson, Mary Lou Wright and Eleda Zygadlo.
    We have over 100 volunteers that shared 18,000-plus hours of their lives, to assist at our shops in 2019.  The shops are a true “community” outreach.  As part of the Lakeview Foundation, the shops have contributed monies toward college scholarships totaling just under 1 million dollars.  
    This year a celebration in person will not be occurring with our volunteers.  Guess what, our selfish volunteers have encouraged us to reach out and support front line workers in health care, feeding programs, and in all the essential local community groups and organizations  that are putting “others first” during this COVID-19 emergency.  This is just one example of our volunteers’ kind hearts and their dedication to community.
    Throughout the “stay home-stay safe” directive, many of our volunteers have been making masks and donating them to hospitals, neighbors and peers.  The CTS has donated fabric, elastic, and binding to make masks.  We also gave activity books to the Paw Paw Schools for distribution to their students.  St. Paul’s and Lawrence UMC took our kiddo Easter items and created beautiful Easter Baskets for children in Lawton and Lawrence.  Even a pandemic cannot keep the spirit of our volunteers down.  They are always thinking of the community!
    As we communicate during social distancing, please take a moment and thank your friends who are volunteers, at our shops or any organization.  The world is a better place because of the dedication, caring and love that volunteers give to their passion of volunteering.   Every volunteer is a gift of LOVE!
    Be safe, be smart and be well.
    Respectfully yours,
    The Staff at CTS and Holiday Store and the Lakeview Foundation Board


Dear Paw Paw residents,
    Do you have a red heart on your driver’s license or state ID? April is National Donate Life month. The red heart indicates you are a registered donor.
    In Michigan, as of April 1, there were 2,768 people waiting for a life saving organ transplant. My husband, Rex, is a living miracle because someone made the decision to be a donor. His life was saved when he received a lung from an anonymous organ donor.  He was dying from a lung disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis.
    Register now to be an organ and tissue donor. You could save up to 8 lives. You can go to and click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button. You can also do it on your next visit to the Michigan Secretary of State.
    You think you are too old to donate? The oldest U.S. donor was 92! Previous medical issues may not be a concern either. Talk to your family about your decision. Be a hero. Register now as an organ and tissue donor.
    Thank you,
    Carol R. Grant



To Our Fair Family and Friends,
    Over the years we have been presented with many challenges and have always pulled together to overcome each obstacle and celebrate each success. This year may present our biggest challenge yet. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives. Each day brings a new situation with new questions and very few answers.
    The Van Buren Youth Fair Board is moving forward with plans for the 2020 Van Buren Youth Fair. We look to our leaders on the Federal and State levels for guidance and direction. Currently, there are many restrictions on our normal lives at work, home and socially. We will make decisions concerning activities and functions at the Van Buren Fairgrounds based on the most current information available. Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19) is in effect until April 30, 2020. The following activities have been postponed:
    •Winter Storage Takeout (April 4, 2020) - We will reschedule this activity as soon as the State Executive Order has been lifted. The tentative date is Saturday, May 2, 2020.
    •Rate of Gain – Weigh-in for Feeder Calves, Sheep and Swine scheduled for April 25 and 26. We are discussing a new date and will announce the date as soon as possible.
    •The May 1, project tagging and forms deadline has been extended to Monday, May 11, 2020 at 5 p.m. We will be accepting forms as follows:
    •At the Fairgrounds - A drop box will be provided at the “Main Gate Ticket Booth”.
    •By mail – Must be received by May 11, 2020. Address for mailing is Van Buren Youth Fair, P.O. Box 271, Hartford, MI 49057.
    • By email – Email address is (vanburenyouthfair@
    Please be patient as we continue to plan the 2020 Fair and to navigate these very difficult and challenging times.
    Everyone please continue working hard on your projects. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2020 Fair.
    Van Buren Youth Fair
    Board of Directors



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