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Dear Citizens,
    I am writing in regard to the renaming of the Paw Paw school mascot. I realize this is a very controversial topic, so I stress from the beginning that this is merely a suggestion and I will not be offended in any way if it is not considered.
    To briefly discuss my background, I am a graduate of Paw Paw High School. I taught in the Paw Paw school system and I have coached several different sports at the high school and middle school. My wife and children have also graduated from Paw Paw High School and participated in various athletic teams.  This, by no means, makes me an expert on this subject; but I am clearly someone who cares about this matter and has spent many years of my life involved in Paw Paw school activities.
    I think the starting point of this discussion is the unique name of our village. Paw Paw is clearly a unique name and I am proud of that name despite different than most towns and cities in America.  Paw Paw is often referred to as “Two Paws;” consequently, I believe our school mascot can also be parts of our town’s famous name.
    In addition to mascots having a name, mascots have a logo. A perfect logo for our school should be a picture of two paws. For example, if we were the Paw Paw Polar Bears, our football helmets and jerseys would have two “paws” rather than spell out the words, “Paw Paw.” This would also represent any animal that has two paws.
    Whatever is picked as our mascot and whatever system is used to pick the mascot, I will be as proud as I ever have been of our town and our schools. In other words, we are Paw Paw. Let’s show off our school and our town in the same way.
    Paul Hamre
    PPHS Class of 1970


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